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The Rules Of Blackjack

The goal is to get a few cards whose value is closest to 21 points. With these cards he has to beat the bank (or live dealer). If the player is over 21, that means he lost and he lost his bet. If he stays below 21 and has a higher score than the bank, the player wins.The highest score you can get in this game is the "BlackJack", which is worth 21 points. The player then gets 1.5 times his bet. There is one exception, and that's when the bank also has a blackjack. Then there is a tie.

BlackJack is played with up to 6 playing cards (decks). It speaks for itself that the player has more chances if he uses fewer playing cards. The game starts with the mission. Then the croupier gives each player 2 cards (face up), the bank gets 1 card. It can also happen that the bank gets 1 open card and a hidden card. The croupier first looks to see if the bank has BlackJack before he even starts the game. A player can already have BlackJack with his two cards. That comes through scoring in this game. Cards with Jack, Queen or King are worth 10 points each. An ashes are worth 1 or 11 points. The remaining cards each retain their own specified value. If there is no BlackJack, the game continues.

The player can decide for himself whether he wants a new card or not. If he comes with a card over the 21 points, the player loses. If each player decides that he has enough cards, the cards are distributed to the bank. The casino croupier distributes the cards so that the bank has 17 or more points. Then the cards are compared with the other players. If a player has more points than the bank, he earns his double stake. If there is a draw (tie) then the player keeps his bet. If the player has fewer points, he owes the bank his bet.

But there are still some ways to increase the chances of the players. First, the so-called double (double). The player only has this option if he has a score of 9.10 or 11 with his first two cards. The bet is then doubled and the player gets only one card from the croupier. Another option may be split (split). This is only possible if the first 2 cards have the same range or value and form a pair. The player must, however, give a bet on each card.