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Poker, but it is surprising how many people think and act as if it were just like poker. They prefer Aces on jacks, and even try to cheat the machine. So let's look realistically at the game. The main attractions of poker are; that the will of the player faces the machine, the action is fast, and one has a realistic possibility in the big jackpot. In addition, there is an opportunity for a long-term benefit, while you are having fun.

Poker is similar in many ways to the traditional slot machine. The piece of furniture, the coin slot, the prize tray, the ticket and the poker club card reader are basically identical to those of the slots. The most obvious difference is that in a slot, the player wins when the machine stops in a particular combination, such as, three bars, while the video poker player, wins when the last five cards in a recognized hand of poker.

In either case, all combinations to win with their respective refunds are displayed in front of each machine or on the screen and the machine automatically counts the number of credits when one of those combinations occurs. The biggest difference is that the player can select the cards they want and take others to improvise their hand. Poker has an element of luck, governed by a generator of a random number, programmed into your internal computer, just like slots, but unlike a slot machine where you just pull the handle and hope for the best, the video Poker also has an element of technique.

After you have dealt your five initial cards, you choose the cards you want to keep, then take others to replace the rejected ones in an attempt to get a winning hand (or to improvise an existing winner) just as you would in a game of live poker If the final hand is in the pay table, the machine makes the payment, otherwise your bet is lost. The technique is to know which cards to stay with for the best pay potential. Most poker players do not mind learning a game strategy, and thus losing an average of about two percent more than necessary to the machine.

This Compared to the rebate rate of 99.5% to 101%, when you use my easy Precision Play method, with the recommended poker games. Many people do not know the difference between pay-full and short pay, and are not interested in learning how to play well or even how to recognize good games. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to be a player with techniques.