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Sic Bo Rules and Strategies

It can be difficult to adopt a strategy for Sic Bo's game . Specifically, because uncontrollable elements come into consideration. But is not chance appropriate for each game. Anyway, it is indeed the case with the game of Sic Bo which depends solely on the dice. These are actually launched randomly. It is impossible to predict which numbers will come out.So how to defeat the house in this game where you have no control over the draw of the numbers? Some imaginative players have tried to discover the miracle strategy, to no avail! We can however give you some advice if you want to make money, it is to be very careful with the bets you make: indeed, never be in the excess.

Low bet : for a bet called "low" , you bet on the sum of the draw of dice between 4 and 10. If so, you will enjoy a very interesting gain. Strong bet : For a "strong" bet , you expect the total sum of the draws to be between 11 and 17. The pattern being 1: 1, you risk winning less money than for a bet low, but you also have more chance of winning.

Weak and strong bets are the least risky ones. Even if they are not very exciting, you will have noticed that the only time you have fun in a casino is when you win obviously. If you want to earn a minimum of money, do not hesitate to use both methods.Betting on a single number can also save you more money than the average . The payout rate is also higher for a single number, but your chances of winning are also lower. To bet on a single number, you need to focus on one single one and predict which number will come out from 1 to 6.

If you think the number is 4, chances are that one of the three so draws out.There are even more specific bets than that. For example, you may think that the total sum of the three starts will be 11. If that proves, you will win a pretty sum! On the other hand, if the sum total of the three starts is 12, not 11, you will have lost big gains, but secondly, "you will also have nerves! ".