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Play Online Roulette Game

Roulette is a game where the player bets on a number or trait the roulette ball should drop. The casino player can increase his chances by putting on more numbers or colors. You play against the bank. If the ball does not hit any number or color, the player loses his bet. The goal of this game is to bet on where the ball will fall in the roulette. The player can use various uses. For example, you can bet on a specific group (Pair, Unpair, Red, Black, Low, High), certain rows, columns or of course a number.

The casino game starts with placing bets. You can do that on a gaming table with different compartments. There are 37 compartments for the numbers. On each of these numbers can be placed.The numbers are divided on rows and always with 3 in a row. You can put on a row . Also on columns with 12 numbers you can put . Otherwise, you can also set whether the number in roulette is red or black , pair or Unpaar, Low or High.This last option is also known as "Chance Simples". It is called this because the player may keep half of the bet when the ball falls to the number 0. Subsequently, one can put on square fan of 12 numbers . These are given on the gaming table as 12P, 12M and 12D (25 to 36).

But there are a few other ways to bet. For example, you can set 4 numbers in a square. This is called Carre. You can also bet on 2 rows . The prerequisite is that these 2 rows are next to each other. Finally, there is the setting on 2 numbers vertically adjacent. This way of setting is better known as "Cheval". Some gaming tables (depending on the type and online casino you are playing roulette) also offer the option to bet .

On most gaming tables, these numbers are scattered in the subjects, but in roulette these are usually bordering. When all players have placed their bets, the online casino will spin live croupier or computer croupier on the wheel of the roulette wheel. On the roulette all numbers are shown. The order of these numbers is alternated as often as possible from Red, Black, Pair, Unpair, Low, and High.