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Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

Unlike many other variants of poker, Caribbean Stud is a game that is deprived of many aspects, which makes learning faster and easier. Thus, the player does not confront anyone other than a dealer, which allows him to save a lot of effort. In Caribbean Stud, the notion of bluff is also nonexistent. The player's decisions are limited, which encourages him to get to the point.

But, like many other casino games, Caribbean Stud Poker has an almost insurmountable difficulty: it's the home advantage. The casino is an opponent not to be taken lightly. His representative, the dealer, knows exactly how to react to your shots and, in addition to that, he enjoys an advantage that creates an imbalance between your chances of winning and his. If you want a chance to defeat the donor, you will have to try to reduce the house edge as much as you can.

A first strategy that you can adopt is to adapt your game according to the combination Ace-King. This high hand can be particularly effective and to overcome it, you need at least one pair. Also, if you want to win a little bit at Caribbean Stud Poker, you only need to raise if you are sure to win a qualifying hand. What is a qualifying hand? Well, it's a hand that can beat Ace-King, so a pair. Certainly this method has its limits: you will for example have the feeling of spoiling many hands or even give up each shot. It's all about being patient. Do you say that in the long run, your probabilities will be much better if you agree not to play hands inferior or equal to Ace-King.

Except that the problematic As-King is still likely to make his, especially when you receive your turn these two cards! When that happens, what will you have to do? Know that in possession of such a hand, your chances of imposing yourself against the dealer will increase slightly. And even if he were to have Ace-King too, you'd come out with a tie, and neither lose nor win anything. If the first card returned from the dealer is not an Ace or a King, consider that you have made half the trip. Your chances of winning increase again! In the end, when you have such a high hand, you have to play it to the end. If your hand is weaker than As-King, you know what you have to do! You will have to go to bed immediately.